Coco Mango Wax Melt Wedgies

Coco Mango Wax Melt Wedgies

Coco Mango Wax Melt Wedgies

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Coco Mango Wax Melt Wedgie

A bold & lively tropical delight. I personally blended this scent with the boldness of ripe mango, the sweetness of fresh pineapple and kiwi. Then I topped it off with just a drop of coconut. This scent is strong and oh so good... perfect for Summer and it will surely become a favorite!

Simply turn on your wax warmer, unwrap a wax wedgie, toss into warmer and enjoy! If you burn for 3 to 4 hours at a time, melt should last 3 to 4 days... enjoy!

Wax melt wedgies are individually wrapped to ensure freshness and perfect for travel. These make great gifts too when you want to give just a little something to thank that special person. Available in every scent, even limited edition scents.

Note: Wax warmer not included

Plastic wrapper: Made of 100% virgin, high clarity polypropylene film.

Wax Melt: .7oz of soy wax.

Burn time: Aroma lasts approximately 2-3 days if burned continuously, longer if burned in shorter periods of time.

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